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We're going to take your homewrecking/blackmail-fantasy to the next level. I want you to wait until your stupid wife or girlfriend is asl**p so you can sneak away from her while you watch this clip. Sneak away like you always do.. while she's sound asl**p in bed. Make sure you steal her phone & bring yours too, before we play My little game it's important you've done all of this. I think you'll be too pussy to actually go through with it but I want you to call her & put the phone right up to this clip. I have a message for that old bag & you're going to be the one to deliver it. I can't wait to have a formal introduction! I have a couple of things I need to get off My mind.. & a few secrets I might reveal. I could ruin all those years you've built up in a 30 second phone call., Size:

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