WendySummers [ManyVids] - Transformed into a Brainless TS Bimbo


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Is the video camera rolling? Great this is Doctor Wendy Summers beginning our human trials of our new intelligence serum. I'll swallow this sample and... I feel... weird. Are my breasts growing? Something is wr.... Oh wow - where am I? This looks like some sort of laba. lava... lavoratory? I dunno. Ugh - why am I wearing such nerdy clothing? I need to change into a sexy dress that shows off my tits. With the video camera I think I'm a webcam girl. I'm turned on by the idea someone is watching me. Maybe I should put on a show. Let me put my hand down my panties -- wait this isn't a pussy... it's a cock. I must be a Transsexual whore. I'm going to stroke this cock... look how it's oozing precum. It tastes so good. shall I cum and then eat it for everyone watching? I want to please you., Size:

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