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It's no secret that this geeky transsexual loves cosplay, so you can imagine that Halloween is my favorite time of year. Not only do I get to show off my sexiest, skimpiest costumes, I also get to indulge myself in the tricks and treats of the season. Who needs sweets when I've got all of the eye candy you need? I set the stage for some wicked fun by paying my kinky tribute to Shakespeare's Hamlet. I can't help but utter "Alas, poor Yorick" before attempting to use his skull as a tool for pleasure. But, alas, my big, rigid cock is no match for any of his bony orifices! The bard probably didn't have this in mind when he wrote that dramatic monologue! There's more to October than skeletons, so I turn my attention to a freshly-carved pumpkin. His facial expression inspires me - there's a great opening for a special treat for me! I scooped out the seeds on my pumpkin bitch and now it's his turn to receive mine! Come and knock on my door, this tranny temptress has still got a few tricks up her sleeve and lots of treats for you! Getting ready for my party, I find myself turned on so bad, I can't stop myself from dropping my skirt and stroking my thick hard cock.  But masturbation just isn't going to cut it... I need to fuck.  Out the corner of my eye, I spot my jack o'lantern and form a devilish idea.  Using the carved holes I shove my thick cock into the hole and begin fucking it like it's my bitch until I finally cum all over it's face.  It's a happy Halloween., Size:

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