Savannah Fox [ManyVids] - Fart fight complete


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Savannah has a busy night planned for her cuckold slave, when she texts him and orders him to her house he tells her he can't! Furious that her slave would disobey her, she finds out the reason he is unavailable is that Arena Rome is controlling him right now! Savannah calls her up and tells Arena she's coming over right now! When she arrives she confronts Arena about stealing her cuck. She orders Arena to return him immediately. Arena refuse's and tells Savannah her slave is locked up. Savannah is pissed and she informs Arena she has 2 choices, either get the key or Savannah is going to take him by using her muscles. Arena refuses again so Savannah flexes her muscles and warns Arena that she has left her no choice but to fight! She punches Arena's tight tummy. Arena tells her that was a bad more, Savannah is in the Queens house, she will fight back! Arenas going to be for a rude surprise though. The girls trade face punches, ass slaps and titty twisters. Sensing Arena has the upper hand in a dirty street fight, Savannah pulls her to the ground and uses her powerful thighs to take arena out. She enjoys humiliating the dominatrix by sitting on her face and making Arena her "Sub" Arena is furious and delivers a powerful punch to the gut. Taken by surprise, Savannah lets out a stinky fart! Arena is immediately disgusted and backs off. Seeing that this could be her way to victory Savannah lets another loud one rip right on Arena! Will Arena fight back in this "Dirty" fight?!?! Or will Savannah win by any means possible?!, Size:

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