Pastel Goddess [ManyVids] - Stinky Ass Sniffing and Facesitting


Download Pastel Goddess - Stinky Ass Sniffing and Facesitting
-Custom- This is purely an ass sniffing clip where the focus is on making my slave take deep, long sniffs of my asshole. There is one fart in the first couple of minutes. After 6 minutes of ass sniffing through my thong, I take the slave to my bedroom to sit on his face. I remove my thong and stuff it in his mouth, sealing it shut with some tape. For the rest of the clip, he remains buried deep in my cheeks, nose pressed tight against my anus. Since his mouth is taped, all he can do to breathe is take in the pungent scent of ASS, and only when I allow him to. He frantically gasps for air between smothring. Very hot clip for breath control and facesitting fans!, Size:

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