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This custom was written from the perspective of Me talking to the "Step-Mother." Custom Script: "I was 44 and thought I was finally going to lose my virginity!  We met at a local bar. After she had six or so d r i n k s, she kept calling me her little virgin boy (a nickname she thought was hilarious) and making me follow her around while she flirted with other men (which they all thought was laughable). Then she told me to take her back to my house because fucking me in my bedroom would be hilarious. But I didn't care why she wanted to fuck me. I just wanted to lose my virginity. I snuck her into my room because I knew she was the type of girl stepmommy would not like being naughty with at all.  She saw my room and everything in it was actually for an adult little boy.  She noticed my jammies and diapers, the pacifiers, and creams. She first made me change into my Sesame Street jammies(in front of her) then had me explain all the bb clothes, furniture, and toys in my room. Everything was still hilarious to her. Then she started to undress. And before I knew it, I was prematurely creaming myself, and then a wet patch appeared on the front of my PJs.  Before she went downstairs to get a beer, she made me like the cum out of the crotch and had me put on a diaper, expecting me to pee and ploop in them by the time she got back.", Size:

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