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Oh sweetie I'm so sick of you wanting sex, wanting to jerk off and expecting stuff from me all the time. The only thing you care about is your orgasm right? I know all to well. You're probably surprised to see me in lingerie.. I want to give you the best orgasm you have ever had. Since it's the only thing you care about. Come on babe take it out for me. I know you're already hard staring at me in my sexy lingerie. See I knew you would be hard. Now you're going to stroke for me nice and slow while I tease you and encourage you. You're not going to even know where to look. You're going to feel so amazing by me instructing you and encouraging you. Oh but I have a surprise for you while you stroke! You see this isn't going to be as sweet as you think. You're going to ruin your orgasm for me. You're far to into stroking to stop and you know it. Here I will even encourage you further by undressing and exposing my hot sexy body that you love so much. STROKE. Come on.. Faster and faster. Right until you're going to bust. I'm going to give you the hottest ruined orgasm cum countdown., Size:

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