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1920x1080 HD Shot POV Vince from Vore Magazine has been sent to interview me since I make a ton of Vore content and have been a very successful Vore creator. Of course he is excited to be in my presence I mean I am the Queen of vore. Having a vore fetish makes my content even more exciting so I know he's been craving to get this interview. As he's asking me questions all I am thinking is how tasty he would be and how great my next meal is going to be. As he is asking me questions I can see him getting excited, talking to the ever so amazing vore producer who has done some amazing things. As we near the end I don't think he's expecting what is to come next. You see when he came into my condo I asked him if he wanted a beverage. Well..I slipped something in it that would subdue him. Now he even looks even better to eat, I let him know exactly what I am going to do to him. How he is going to taste, how my stomach acid is going to end him. Just HOW bad I cant wait to devour him. My stomach is nice and full of one human, I can't wait for my next meal., Size:

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