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1980x1080 (HD) Your step-father doesn't want to teach you about girls or sex; he's totally not cut out to be a parent sometimes. As your loving Step-Mother I will teach you son; that's right I am a way better teacher than your step-father anyways. We start the lesson on how a girl can get pregnant. I tell you all about that and then we move on to masturbation. It's only normal to masturbate Son, its completely okay to do it twice a day too. I mean I have such a high sex drive I need it multiple times a day too. Your step-father cannot keep up with me, its pathetic. I am getting quite turned on by this little lesson and I see your cock getting hard from me talking about touching a woman. I have to touch myself, its been so long since Step-Mommy had any attention. Wow Son, Your cock is so big; and you want to stroke it for Step-Mommy, I offer you a hand, I mean someone has to show you how a proper hand job is given. I stroke your cock, making it grow even harder. I undress and ask if I could take your virginity, I mean I would be the perfect person to show you how to have sex. I climb on top of your hard pulsating cock. I feel it go deep inside of me and I start to ride you slowly. You see Son; A big lesson is never cumming to quickly you want to please the woman too. I show you how to have sex and cum for my Son. I then bounce up and down faster and faster, making your cock ready to explode. I beg for you to cum inside of me, "Please Son- fill me up" I beg and beg. I feel your cock explode and there's a huge creampie in my pussy. You did SO amazing for your first time son. I cant wait to teach you more, Size:

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