Mistress Misha Goldy [ManyVids] - Succubus making you her slave

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You are unsure if you are sle eping or awake. My hourglass curves, sultry voice and aurora put you under a spell. I'm so powerful. I am so sexy! I am a Demon of sex and lust! This arouses you in ways you've never felt before. you can not move, you can not look away, you can not close your eyes. I'm your ultimate fantasy, counting you down to release will forever make you Mine. I am mesmerizing you! The woman from your dreams dancing , teasing and sedusing you! You want her most off all! You want that she will be your! You want to fuck her! Your cock is hard! First it was a simple game....a devil woman comes in your dreams and tease you to kiss her poisoned lips.....then she bring you in a deep trance of seduction...she infected your brain, control your cock.... your night dreams.....And when you are ready she decide to make another step...make you a bedroom prison in your own house....her sex slave.....Today she will steal your sperm... she will fore you to cum ...You know her sperm make Her more powerful...She need your sperm! Stroke to her! Stroke to the most beautifull woman in the world! Stroke to Demon woman! All your life you neede just sex , fuck and lust! Thats why today she is here! She will punish you ! When she will make you cum - your body, your cock, your mind, your money, all what you have and your SOUL will belong to her! You will be her slave FOREVER! Just give her your sperm! You cant resist!, Size:

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