MissWhitneyMorgan [ManyVids] - Whitney Morgan: Tape Tied Talk

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If you enjoyed Miss Whitney Morgan teasing you with her feet, asking you what you'd LOVE to do with them.. and you said.. TAPE TIE THEM! Then you'll love watching her take black electrical tape to her big toes, tying them up tight! Taking thick black electrical tape to her high arches! She wiggles her toes, teases you with her tied soles! But of course she needs to gag that big mouth of her's too with all this tape! She shoves a rag in her mouth, stuffing it tight! Her dark purple lips bluge out as she wraps clear vinyl tape over them, around her head time and time again! Gag talking, begging, showing you how tightly sealed it is! Before putting a sheer pantyhose hood over her head and sealing it on with some nude microfoam! Nice and tight! Around her head it goes! Sealing her lips shut! She mumbles, muffled gag talk through her multilayer gag for you while teasing with her tied toes, struggling for you before slowly peeling every layer off to show her destroyed gag face! Includes: foot teasing, barefoot, tape bondage, self bondage, self gagged, self gagging, begging, tape gagged, toe tied, foot bondage, clear tape, mouth packing, around the head gag, micofoam, dark lipstick, lipstick mess, ungagging, gag talk., Size:

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