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Helga and Xia were sent on quest to rescue the captured Princess Alphina of Norgoth. After traveling for hours they two of them decided that its best for them to camp in Fhi Forest and continue the journey in the morning. Xia realizes that Helga is low on Nectra and suggested that they should stop by a nearby town in the morning. But Helga disagreed and suggested to keep pushing further. Princess Alphina life is in extreme danger and prolonging their journey wouldn’t be the best course of action. The both of them finally rest while a hidden figure is hiding behind a tree, watching them. Helga notices the Troll trying to touch her leg, as she slaps him across the face. Helga and Xia are now interrogating him as the Troll begs for his life. Helga then realizes that this Troll is known as a Tiku, a special breed of trolls who can replenish a persons Nectra on contact. So Helga takes him to the back of the woods and tells him to strip off the rest of his clothes. She promised to let him live if he gives her the amount of Nectra needed to recharge. But will he refuse?, Size: 332.23 MB

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