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I went to see a movie and it turned out the person I went with had a plan... isn't that always the way?  When ever I'm with someone and they want to suck dick, they always manage to find their way under my skirt.  If you were with me I'd bet you'd try to suck my dick too. In fact just thinking about you angling to crawl between my legs as me turned on.  I start to rub my dick through my dinosaur PJ, letting my dick start to swell.  Before long I'll be pulling my juicy cock out of these shorts so you can see it's full throbbing glory.  Don't you want to wrap your lips around this sweet dick? I pull out my round, firm tits and start playing with my nipples as I stroke my cock.  I'm going to cum and I bet that's just what a cocksucker like you wants.  Are you ready to find a way?, Size: 481.14 MB

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