[ManyVids] UkCuteGirl - Mummified By Intruder and Tickled


Download [ManyVids] UkCuteGirl - Mummified By Intruder and Tickled
Lucy is washing up when an intruder enters. She begs him not to hurt her, she is terrified and offers him money. She tells him that her husband will be home any minute and pleads with him not to hurt her. He orders her to strip. Lucy is crying and begging him not to hurt her. The intruder is wearing a balaclava and he has cling film. He orders Lucy to spin and he begins to slowly wrap her naked body in cling film. Lucy continues to cry and she feels dizzy, she is scared that he is going to hurt and isn’t sure what he is going to do. He wraps her whole body in cling film and over her face, leaving a small hole for her to breathe, he wraps it tightly around her face and it’s all squashed under the cling film. He adds another layer on the way back down so that she is tightly mummified. Lucy struggles on the floor but she can’t get free. She cries for help, she says that she feels sweaty and can hardly breathe. She begs to be let go and cries ‘are you still there?’, ‘please don’t leave me here’. She is completely powerless and cannot escape. Her cute feet and toes are poking out at the end and the intruder starts to tickle them. Lucy screams for him to stop but she’s helpless. There is no escape., Size: 451.92 MB

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