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It’s time for some cold therapy! I’m dressed in my sexy white stiletto heels, thong bikini bottoms and white see through kinky splash strappy top. The idea is to hose myself off with freezing cold water and sit outside for 20 minutes or until I can’t bear the cold any longer. I’m nervous as I grab the hose and spray freezing cold water into my face and all over my body, I shriek as it’s so cold! Now to sit here and freeze. My nipples are so erect and I begin to shiver, my feet are so cold and I’ve got goose bumps. I’m really shivering now, I wish you could come and warm me up. My toes are getting so cold, I wonder if they are going to go blue? My legs are starting to dry off a bit and I want it to be a real challenge and proper therapy to feel the benefits, so I hose myself off again, starting with my feet. I’m so cold now, shivering all over and I’m starting to struggle. But I will stay longer, I will get through this, I can do it! How much longer? I give you a closer look at my pert nipples, I wish you could warm them up with your mouth. Are you wanking over me at home? Over my rock hard nipples, frozen toes and goose pimples? I’ve made it, I’ve shivered for 20 minutes. Can I warm up now? I’m begging you!, Size: 363.68 MB

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