[ManyVids] SophiaSylvan - Post Gym Sweat and Toilet Slave


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I'm back from the gym and cranky that a Goddess like me has to work out to stay fit, so I take it out on you. I make you worship and kiss my ass while I quiz you on whether you've done the errands correctly that I gave you. Of course, you failed yet again to live up to my high standards. You forgot something at the grocery store! I tell you what you're going to have to endure for punishment, and it is nasty. First, you'll kiss and smell my sweaty gym ass and clean me up too with your slave tongue. After that, I'm going to make you my real toilet bitch and chain you to the toilet. You forgot the toilet paper so I guess you'll just have to BE the toilet paper...sucks to be you. You're going to clean both my pussy and ass after I use the bathroom, licking me clean and washing me like a bidet. You'll be chained there for a full 24 hours while you learn your lesson not to be forgetful for your Goddess in the future., Size: 443 MB

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