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Miles has been having a rough go of it lately he lost his job during the plandemic, and of course shortly there after his girlfriend. Whats a guy to do he moved back in with his parents and the depression really kicked in. Miles spends most of his time sitting in his parents basement playing video games and sneaking beers when he thinks his dad isn't looking. Miles parents went on vacation to the beach and begged him to come along, mostly cause they were worried Miles would burn the house down just a few days ago Miles got had a few too many, and forgot about the Mac & Cheese he left sitting on the stove. His parents were insistent that he come on vacation with them, but Miles refused locking himself in his bedroom refusing to come out. They had spent alot of money on the hotel and reservations for the week doing fun trips, and to be honest his dad was relieved the spoiled brat wouldn't come along and ruin his trip with his mother. Though, Miles father was worried about his house also, so he called his younger sister to come watch the house and, "help" his son her nephew. Miles was about 6 beers into a an 18 pack when Misty showed up all happy and cheerful and excited to see her nephew. She walked straight into his room and blocked the TV, totally fucking up his streak. "What the fuck!" Miles, exclaimed. Misty replied, "The fuck is we're going for a walk." With an evil grin she hit the power button on the Xbox and walked to the doorshaking her ass as she went. Miles grunted and turned the Xbox back on but it wouldn't connect to the WIFI. Misty standing at the door smiling said, "Your dad told me how to change the WIFI password. If you want to know what it is we go for a walk." Walking away she shouted, "I hid all the beer too. Lets go!", Size: 117.56 MB

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