[ManyVids] SerephDoll - Grief Stage 4: Depression


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You've reached stage 4 in your grief cycle. You are almost to the point of accepting your fate as a beta male yet this feeling continues to grow in you. The depression sets in and you feel hopeless, pathetic, weak and stupid. You are a loser, you just don't want to admit it. The juxtaposition of your depression next to my bright pink perfection is so offending. Everything in this video continues to drive your cycle and you don't even realize what I'm doing to you, yet. Acceptance is the only path and this series makes you understand so much more than you ever thought. A loser in every way, depressed and sitting alone with no purpose is such a shame. A loser serving a Mistress...that is something entirely different. Will you pass this test? *This video has flashing lights that may disrupt some people's sensitivity. Watch with caution* **Audio uses Delta waves at 2.5hz for mesmerizing effect with added audio sx. Best enjoyed with headphones**, Size: 1.44 GB

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