[ManyVids] Savannah Fox - Harley Quinn is a crazy bitch part 1


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After a rash of bank robberies, Batman has finally tracked the thief to an abandoned house in a seedy part of town. To his chagrin he finds Harley Quinn! With MR.J out of town Harley had gone on a spree and was lying in ambush! She had booby trapped the house! After 2 explosions went off in his face, the Batman is dazed and confused. He hears her coming in the smoke and tries to retreat down a steep flight of stairs. Seizing her moment Harley punches him in the face, and kicks him down the stairs! She uses her mallet to knock him out! He will make a great present for MR.J when he returns, but they do have some time to spend together....she strips the Batman naked, ties his wrists and strings him up. Oh! She is going to have so much fun with him! She eyes his bat-cock, and slaps him awake! She cant stop pawing at his cock, but Batman refuses to have fun with her! Oh batty! I guess I'll just have to convince you otherwise! In the meantime we can have a different type of fun! Let me go get my toys! I like my meat tender....., Size: 476.72 MB

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