[ManyVids] Only3x Network - Only3x Series Episode 14 – Household Sex


Download [ManyVids] Only3x Network - Only3x Series Episode 14 – Household Sex
Only3x series present to you the boss together with the beautiful chick Alyssia Kent as the former catching up on her while doing her work. Wearing a white blouse, short black skirt, and sheer pantyhose. Alyssia’s outfit is definitely noticeable and even her boss compliments her with her sexiness and even asked her the latest news about her porn gig. She responded with a lot of stuff including getting gangbanged with eight guys. We don’t know if that news makes her boss gets uncomfortable or getting turned on as he changes the topic by instructing something to her. The scene changes from Alyssia Kent’s boss meeting with the lawyer Edgar, also known as David Perry. They discuss something of an investigation about his uncle. They also talked about “The Voice” as the boss wanted to meet him which caught Edgar off guard. It was an awkward conversation for the lawyer that is why he decides to take a break in the bathroom. He apparently calls this unknown guy who appears to be his boss and instructs him to deny everything. After the call, Edgar is caught off guard again seeing Alyssia Kent flirting with him inside the bathroom. Sure he is experiencing stress with the situation and in need of something to release. That leads to this hot maid and the lawyer making out. It was quick and with passion and that leads to Alyssia kneeling in front of him and starts sucking his cock. It was a slow but noisy blowjob and definitely one of the best blowjobs the lawyer got in his lifetime. Imagine a beautiful and hot woman going nuts at your lucky cock, it was an opportunity that Edgar won’t definitely pass. He returned the favor licking that delicious pussy. After a while you can see her already at the sofa, ready for that cock, fucking her in the spoon position. You will see how epic her expression is, feeling that lawyer’s big cock deep inside her tight pink cunt. You can hear them especially Alyssia Kent’s moans getting louder as the sex goes wild and crazy inside the bathroom. Do we wonder why the hell the boss didn’t notice them? From spoon, they go into missionary and in the doggystyle position. You can’t help but notice Alyssia Kent’s slappable butt cheek in the latter position. Even Edgar, the lawyer can’t resist it. It is a better experience fucking this gorgeous maid by cowgirl as you can see her boobies bouncing in front of you. This position is also her favorite as it turns her moans into screams. Alyssia doesn’t care about her boss hearing them as she wants her orgasms as well as from the lawyer. Watch how he finishes her off by cumming all over her big titties. It was a quick but fun moment from these two. The scene changes to the boss instructing a random guy. It turns out to be that he poses as a lover of the maid Alyssia Kent. Hee caught them two all naked in the bathroom. The lovely brunette maid Alyssia gives her boss and the guy a quick smile as it turns o...

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