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Would you do a clip in which you wear your sexy black leather jacket and start talking to me in your seductive voice as you begin flirting with me, snapping your fingers in rhythm. From there, you notice my cock is starting to get hard so you then start to slowly clap your hands in rhythm as my cock throbs for you in your sexy black leather. Finally you give me the word to take my cock out and start stroking it as you slowly unzip your leather jacket as our eyes lock onto each other as you reach in your pockets for your sexy black leather gloves. You then put the leather gloves on and start to slowly clap in rhythm again ... licking your lips as you tell me what you plan to do to me in your leather as you keep clapping slowly until I cum for you - finishing the clip with you blowing me a lip-licking leather gloved kiss.", Size: 658.86 MB

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