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1920x1080 HD Bianca has been experiencing weird things in her condo and hasn't been able to figure out what it is. She has been trying to catch what has been going on but nothing has worked. She decides to set up a recording device as well as trying to wake up while she rests so she can figure out what is going on. Since it is bedtime Bianca lies down and goes to bed towards the middle of the night her body elevates and lifts off the bed.. she undresses and starts to play with herself. It's like she cannot control it and she just keeps going. She touches her pussy and levitates right in the air.. What is caught is mind blowing. Bianca keeps fingering herself and then all of a sudden she falls.. She suddenly awakens naked.. She tries to scramble for her clothes and covers herself wondering what had happened., Size: 180.45 MB

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