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1920x1080 HD  You will need a Liter or more of water for this clip  I know how much you love to embarrass yourself for your Goddess. We are taking this a step further. You will need to bring this clip with you. I need you to gulp all the water I instructed you to get. Wait 30 minutes then play the clip.  Now that you have a full bladder it's time to take this show on the road. If you drive get in your car and if you don't have a car walk outside. Now start to walk/drive and remember how bad you have to pee. How good it would feel to release all that piss. Relieving yourself would feel so amazing, but no you have to hold it. Now I am going to have you doing things that will intensify your need to pee. Are you ready to let it out yet? This will be the best part., Size: 204.91 MB

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