[ManyVids] Mistress An Li - Urethra Fucker: Part II


Download [ManyVids] Mistress An Li - Urethra Fucker: Part II
After I've sounded and electrified my gimp's cock, I decide I'm going to allow him a release. His cock needs to stay filled, of course. It makes the handjob so much more delightful. I love a torturous milking… With his cock plugged tight, the sensation of my hands gliding over his cock quickly brings him to the edge. It's so easy to bring him to completion… but I'm not done yet. After all, why should my fun end just because his weak male body decides it's done? No, I decide when the edging and teasing ends. And it's so much more fun to torment him once his cock is sensitive from cumming… a little post-orgasm torment. Features: a classic Femdom handjob with some Da ddy twists, of course. Medical sounds down the cock. Electrical CBT. And of course, using his own cum as lube., Size: 746.48 MB

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