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You meet a dangerous woman – a succubus – and you are entirely spellbound by her. Her beauty, her sensual voice, and of course, her dangerous red lips. You can't stop staring at them. You hang off every word she says, entirely drawn into the seductive shapes her red lipstick makes. She teases you, knowing fully well you don't know how to resist her. Licking her lips, playing with her tongue, spitting. You can't help but imagine her sucking on your cock. After all, those lips are so divine that it's all you can think about. Those pillowy red lips wrapped around your cock, suck, suck, sucking your soul away... Features: it's spooky month, and the perfect time for some vampire and monster roleplay. This is for all you lip fetishists who get hard at my divine red lips and my sensual spit. Sensual, slow, and full of mesmerizing up-close ASMR audio for you to imagine what it would be like to be consumed by my lips..., Size: 599.19 MB

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