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Download [ManyVids] lewdestbunnie - showing dad my grown up body + virginity
this is my first dad kink vid-- I've only been making vids for a few months and family roleplay is still a little "close to home" (literally lol) for me so this feels a little embarrassing to post but I loved filming it and I know you guys will love watching it ♥️ An 18 year old daughter comes back from shopping and wants to show her dad what she bought. She loves her dad so much and only wants to show him because he's the one who made her body. While showing the outfits, she shows her dad how she's grown and has a grown up body now with full, round DD breasts, cute thighs, and ever cuter butt. She hopes these outfits make her dad proud of what a pretty girl he made, but even more she hopes the outfits make her dad excited. He's taken care of her her whole life and now she wants to treat him and thank him with her body because she's old enough. A little nervous about if her dad will like it, she spreads her legs and shows her pussy, thank goodness her dad loves it so she shows him all the parts and even her pink lil butthole. He taught her how to clean herself now she's showing how clean she keeps her parts to make her dad proud. The she wants to show her dad her grown up breasts and goes up close to give him all the details. But what she wants most is to kiss the cock that made her and to taste the cum she came from. Her dad lets her and she loves it. She's afraid of being greedy but she wants one more thing from her dad, she wants her cherry popped. He says yes again! She thinks it's so perfect that the cock that made her is taking the virginity of the pussy he made. Because father's always want to teach their daughter new things he teaches her how to cum, and of course cums with her, his cum gushes out and his daughter is excited that she just made him a grandfather!! ♥️, Size: 1.32 GB

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