[ManyVids] KinkyCuntboy - A New Method for Ftm School Spankings


Download [ManyVids] KinkyCuntboy - A New Method for Ftm School Spankings
We all know the usual method of spanking ftm schoolboys. It’s as demonstrated here, pulling down pants and receiving the strokes on raised up bare ass. A slightly improved method involves spreading the legs before punishment to expose a hairy pussy. However, now a new method for ftm school spankings is introduced. The boy lies down for the spanking with pussy up and genitals publicly exposed. Very bad ftms before punishment also need to open their pussy flaps as their spankings end with pussyhole caning. And, eventually, we show the after-spanking display of the schoolboy as well. ...Dont you think this is an improved way to spank ftms? TAGS: spanking, caning, submissive, sub, ftm, ftm sub, ftm spanking, adult school, schoolboy, student, school, bare ass spanking, bare ass, pussy spanking, pussy caning, pussy exposed, showing pussy, pussy up, hairy pussy, baring ass, pants down, ass up, pulling pants down, exposing, exposed, preparing, for spanking, spanking ritual, Size: 463.13 MB

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