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Gorgeous brunette, Katy Faery, sits in front of you in nylon socks, and a tiny strapless dress... "I know you are new to this whole foot fetish thing, and that's okay." Katy tells you that when she lets you worship her feet, it wasn't exactly what she liked when she's having her foot worshipped. She wants to show you exactly what she likes, and what turns her on. Katy lifts up one of her feet, and gently starts to massage the bottoms of her soles. "I love it when a man slowly starts to rub the bottom of my feet." She massages her toes and heel. "They say your foot is connected to the rest of your body, so not only does it make my foot feel good- it makes the rest of me feel good, too. That's powerful." Katy begins to lightly sniff her toes, "I like it when a guy takes a deep whiff of the alluring aroma of my soles." She sniffs her toes, and buries her nose in between them. She lightly licks her toes, and all over her soles. Katy begins to suck on her big toe, "That really turns me on." She sucks the outside ball of her foot, and licks it. "It's turning me on right now." She licks in between each of her toes, "Just like that." Katy sucks on her toes again, then massages them. Katy grabs her other foot, and begins to suck on her other big toe. "Once you finish one, you move to the other." She gently massages the bottoms of her soles, and sniffs them. Katy lifts up her other foot again, "You can even switch back and forth." Katy shoves all of her toes in her mouth, "I love it when a man can fit all of my toes in his mouth." Katy lifts both of her feet at once, and sniffs and licks them. "That's how I love to have my feet worshipped!" Katy tells you that next time you can do better, and really turn her on, Size: 494.34 MB

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