[ManyVids] Katy Faery - I Need Your Seed, Bro


Download [ManyVids] Katy Faery - I Need Your Seed, Bro
Your sexy and witchy Sister, Katy Faery, sits in front of you…surrounded by candles, books, and other magical tools. Katy thanks you for finally joining her for one of her rituals…She knows that you all can use a little more wealth and beauty. Katy has studied up on sexual magic, and has found the perfect spell to bring the family “riches and fame”… all she needs, is your seed. The seed of the seed closest.. “That means you, Brother.” Katy starts the ritual by lighting and burning sage, and surrounding herself with crystals. Your Sister tells you how to stroke your cock, so she can take your “seed” for the ritual. Katy strips off her skirt, and shows off her sexy ass to you… encouraging you to stroke yourself. “Give me your seed…so we can become rich and famous, Brother.” Katy takes off her top, leaving just her sexy underwear. Katy reads from her magical spell book, and tells you to keep touching yourself. “I need your seed, Brother…and when I count down from 10, you’re going to give it to me.” 10…9….8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1 Katy crawls up to you, and collects all of your hot white cum in a tiny glass cup. “Now I have everything I need for the spell.” Katy runs off to add your cum to her other ingredients., Size: 699.5 MB

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