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Come on, let’s get away from those stupid people at the party and go make our own party somewhere. Ah, here is a quiet room just for us. Sit down and relax for me. You are my best girlfriends boyfriend but we don’t have to talk about that right now, besides, she is being a total bitch today and you deserve better attention. I’ve had a crush on you even before you and her started dating, did you know that? She has told me all about your nice sized cock and I want to see it for myself. Oh, it is a nice cock! Not too big or too small but just right, for me. You want this to, don’t you? I’ve seen the way you throw glances my way when you’re supposed to be giving all your admiration to my best girlfriend, your girlfriend. I know you want me to touch you like she never does. You probably bone her pretty good but I want all the attention focused on right now. I want to stroke you so good that you won’t even think about a pussy, all you will want are my perfect hands wrapped around your stiff shaft. That bitch of a girlfriend of yours doesn’t deserve your love juice, I do. I’m going to work your wood and do things that you haven’t even tried yourself. How does it feel when I rub on this little spot right here? Isn’t that amazing? I thought so. You can completely relax for me because I locked the door behind us. I wont tell anyone what were doing and I’m sure you wont, will you? I love worshiping your beautiful cock. Do you like seeing my manicured red fingernails gently playing with your full ball sack? It looks as though you needed this attention your dick is certainly showing me how happy you are. I think you should dump your girlfriend even though she is my best friend. I think you should come over to my house and let me rub your cock out for you every night. You know I would worship it like this whenever you want. I love stroking it, up and down, so gently yet firmly. Ah, yes, squeeze it and pull it toward me while circling the tip. Now that I have teased up a good load are you ready to give it to me? Look at my pretty pussy and imagine your dick sliding into my wet slit. I cant tell you’re ready to give your wetness to me, that’s it, let it shoot out as I hold your dick at the base and stroke your quick. Oh wow! Is that how much cum you fill my girlfriends pussy with? You gave me your load today, not her. I deserved it and worked for it. Ok, well, you know where to find me when you want some quality cock attention. Lets get cleaned up and back to the party before anyone realizes where we went. Starring: Hope Howell, Size: 220.15 MB

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