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Notice: This is a custom clip, if you want your own - feel free to send me a message! Style: Vore Video POV. Request: The film opens up with you and the patient near the end of one of his weekly consultation visits in your office. You begin to review your previous session notes on your clipboard behind your desk. The client is sitting in his chair opposite of you and having some water that you gave him near the end of the session. He is sitting quietly while you go over your notes. You are dressed up in some nice office clothes and wearing some glasses, your hair is all bundled up and you look very professional.  Eventually you put down your notes and start to talk to him bluntly. You then give him the school teacher is disappointed in you look and raise your glasses. You sigh and then appear to take off your outer garmit, suit, top, etc and then move from behind your desk and then walk and sit in front of a chair right in front of him. Your massive cleavage is now showing and you take off your high heels.. You walk over to your door and lock it. As you are doing this you tell him that you have decided to extend today's consultation free of charge. You then walk back over to your desk and call your secretary, you tell her to cancel all remaining consultations for the day and that she can leave, and that you are going to stay behind for a bit. You then walk over to your client and sit directly on his lap. You grab his head and shove his face straight into your cleavage. You are grinding on him in his chair like a crazed stripper trying to smoosh him with your boobs. It feels soo good for him, being smoosh in massive, warm, soft boobs, and nice perfume (this new therapy technique seems nice). There is no where for him to go, he is sandwiched between the chair and your luscious body (as you smoosh him over and over you begin to stimulate him. This raises his pressure, and makes the paralysis toxin that you secretly dropped in his glass of water work even faster). You then remove the rest of your clothes to reveal a sexy lingerie outfit! Then your rip off his t-shirt, easily remove his shoes, socks and pants and then lower your head down to his groin, either the toxin is now preventing him from resisting or he is just enjoying the show, either way you are about to seal the deal. The next thing he feels is your warm, wet mouth enveloping his fully erect shaft. You have grabbed the back of his head and smooshed his face into your growling belly. He is helpless to resist because of the toxin! You are pinning him to your belly and as the camera is literally right in front of your big sexy belly he hears you.. The client is now fully wrapped up inside your strong, slick stomach walls. They are pulsing all over his body, and rhythmically mushing him up. You have taken him away from all stress in the world and put him into yours. You have consumed him whole and alive. As you predicted he be...

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