[ManyVids] Deanna Deadly - Obediant to my Legs, Feet and Toenails


Download [ManyVids] Deanna Deadly - Obediant to my Legs, Feet and Toenails
Available as stream only on MV. Pay full price on other sites to be able to download Clip is 13 mins and 15 seconds. No nudity. In this video Im extra PALE with my RED hair and red latex in white mules sitting and talking to you in POV. This was a custom clip. My email is mentioned in the video If you'd like to order a custom from me! Clip includes: -FOOT DOMINATION CROSSED LEGS -FEMDOM -HIGH HEELS -REDHEAD -LATEX -MESMERIZE -MEZMERISING YOU WITH MY LEGS, FEET AND TOENAILS -BARE LEGS -BARE FEET -WRINKLED SOLES -TOE WIGGLING -TOE POINTING -PAINTED TOENAILS -MUSCULAR CALVES -CALF MUSCLE FETISH -TOENAIL FETISH -JOI -CUM COUNTDOWN -COCK CONTROL -MAGIC CONTROL The angle starts pointed mostly at my feet and legs while Im in WHITE MULES....My legs are CROSSED and I say "Do you know how easy it is to control you? How weak you are...How MESMERIZED you are by the sight of my perfect FEET and CALVES...These legs just make you sooo weak. Just powerless to my legs and feet and high arches. My little puppet. My little puppy dog." I CROSS and UNCROSS my legs a few more times and then move angles that now show my face and my body as well as my legs. "Would you like me to take these HEELS off and really show off my feet for you?" I take off one of the HEELS and then pull my other leg up to show it off with the heel on. "Would you like me to take my other shoe off my OBEDIANT LITTLE PUPPY? Are you ready to be MESMERIZED at the sheer site of my FEET and TOENAILS? hmmm? " I move in to the camera so its just my face and I say "Dont forget I own you and I own your ERECTIONS as well." The camera angle moves down to my feet and showing the bottom half of my body. My FEET are now BARE, I rub them and show them off to the camera and say "Are you MESMERIZED by these FEET? By these TOENAILS? Your so WEAK at the site of these FEET and these TOENAILS...." The angle moves to me STANDING and I am bending my knee and show off my Foot and WRINKLE my SOLE and TOES for you....I say "I know these perfect FEET, TOES and TOENAILS cause a huge erection for you HUH? That ERECTION is controlled all by me. Your mind and body is all mine to control." The angle moves to me sitting and the camera is focused right on my FOOT and especially my PURPLE TOENAILS...I say " Its not like I need to but Im reinforcing my control over you with these PERFECT TOENAILS and these PERFECT FEET. My little HELPLESS, OBEDIANT PUPPET. haha." I WIGGLE MY TOES a lot. "Your body is completely under my control...Everything you do is under my will and my desires...You cant get enough of these perfect feet and perfect toenails. The angle moves to one of my legs/feet on the couch and I stretch and wiggle my FOOT/TOES and then I put both on the couch and show them off while talking: "Even without stroking you'll feel your cock get uncontrollably harder....and harder...and harder....Your totally powerless and I control...

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