[ManyVids] DaceyHarlotXXX - Sensual & Sadistic Trampling


Download [ManyVids] DaceyHarlotXXX - Sensual & Sadistic Trampling
Feat. Dacey Harlot & Jah It's been awhile since Dacey has gotten her boots on a man and she built up quite the hunger for it! Dacey wastes no time and does big jumps in the first 20 seconds! She jumps, stomps, and does big jumps on his torso and balls, her ass shaking around in the small black bodysuit hugging her curves. Dacey turns so her ass is right over his face, she stomps him making her ass shake, she grinds her boots into his chest and lowers her ass closer to him...not close enough! She continues pounding her boots into his body with big jumps and hard stomps as he grunts in pain underneath her. After 3 minutes of pounding her boots and weight into him, she comes up and stands on his chest. She demands he lick the bottom of her boots before stepping the hard patterned sole of her dirty old boot, with all her weight, directly onto his face and nose. She giggles as she crushes him underneath her, when she comes off she notices a perfect sole print right on his flattened nose! Dacey goes between jumping, stomping, and extremely high jumps for the remaining 7 minutes of the video. She tramples him on his face, balls, and torso giving no breaks for recovery. She teases and twerks her ass as she tramples him hard, reminding him just how sadistic and sexy she really is!, Size: 791.15 MB

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