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This episode had a few issues where we started playing the episode and then had to stop for whatever reason so in the beginning of the first episode we discuss where we were and what was going on. We are currently trying to get the amulet from the wizard who is locked up in his tower in the middle of town. We try to create a distraction by putting on a performance for the town while the rest of us are sneaking into the tower. Once inside the room that we snuck out we find a beholder kin hiding behind a desk and find a way to sneak around him We start sneaking up the stairs to reach the highest level and magical darkness surrounds us. Kyro can still see through the darkness and then we reach the wizards chambers. As we sneak around we find a hidden passageway that has 3 chests inside. One has the amulet in it!! But we also hear a bunch of guards charging up the stairs! We jump across the wall and dive off the wall fighting the wizard all the way. we escape into the woods and decide to run to frostgate., Size: 4.31 GB

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