[ManyVids] BabesAndBandits - Babes & Bandits Season 1 Episode 31.8


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In this episode we have Barry playing Gurdeck joining us again as wll as Izzy playing Reaper! Gurdeck lets us know that a group of dwarves are coming to meet us and then we head towards Ure with all the dwarves and a friendly gnome that hangs around Reaper as she tells him everything she knows about Frostgate. We discover that Ure was part of the kingdom of Fif because they have a statue of Radabod in the town swuare. We decide to do a little shopping and split up to go to the brothel (Reaper, gnome, Gurdeck) and the Embassy (Kyro and Bloo) After Kyro and Bloo finish up they have to go and find the brothel and discover that it is a temple as well. Bloo threatens the gnome and pulls his sword out and it is not taken lightly. He is dragged out and after Reaper and Gurdeck finish their festivities we all head North to the wall, in search of Giants. We defeat the 3 giants after a long and hard battle!, Size: 4.19 GB

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