[ManyVids] Ava Black - Increasing your foot licking addiction


Download [ManyVids] Ava Black - Increasing your foot licking addiction
Includes - foot domination - female supremacy - interracial domination - ebony female domination - foot slave training - verbal humiliation Mistress loves making slave bois go goo goo over her delicious feet. She teases her personal footslave by making him hover dangerously close to her feet, allowing him to smell but not touch her sweaty feet that have been wandering round the house barefoot all day. She knows just how much he is dying to get those gorgeous Ebony toes in his mouth but she wants to make him drool for it awhile longer. When she thinks he has stewed in his juices of lust long enough she permits him to delicately kiss her feet before he can even dream of using his tongue to fully worship her. She knows how wild this sends him but her power over him only excites her more, Size: 797.17 MB

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