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super intimate and wholesome video of two dirty raver girls after a MessyHot shoot. HoneyLuv and I are actually best friends in real life. We love each other and love to cuddle and be cute/lovey together. In this video, HoneyLuv helps me clean myself while I help her. We love feeling each others bodies all wet and soapy! We also are making sure to inspect every inch of each others bodies! No mess must be missed!With playful rub downs, cute kisses, and soapy booty shakes, this video is a great introduction to the true intimacy between Lum and HoneyLuv! This was shot right after playing with each other covered in cake. [ video now live on MessyHot ] This is just the beginning of Lum & HoneyLuv [ first minute has music , whole video does not. ], Size:

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