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You're in a room with the hot girl in school, or at least that's what she has been elected as alongside you. Prom King and Queen. The senior class thought it would be fun to put you both in a room together to "have some fun" after prom, sort of a fun traditional, with the idea that you'd both have sex. And maybe you're into that, huh? Only, this Prom Queen chuckles at the thought that you're both in there. When you ask why, she says, "Well, because... you know, Prom Dyke and Prom Fag. We're the biggest gays in the school!" You're taken aback and show it. You tell her you aren't gay, but she side-eyes you and smirks, not believing it at all. And you say you want to prove it, prove it by having sex with her. She's a lesbian though, so she isn't interested. However, she says she could let you eat her out, that maybe it wouldn't feel all that strange. And she can decide whether or not you're gay from that. Pretty quickly though, she's saying "ouch!" and claiming that you "suck clit like it's a dick" - shaking her head at you and rolling her eyes. An idea comes to mind, and she goes to grab the supplies she brought in case she was going to get laid... that is, have sex with a GIRL. She returns and pulls up her prom dress to reveal her big strap-on! If you want to prove you aren't a big fag, she says you'll have to NOT get excited watching her stroke her dick. And... well... oh... gosh... Maybe she IS right... and when she says to suck it, you don't decline. And even further, when she says to RIDE her cock and stroke your dick... well... I wonder... IS SHE RIGHT?, Size:

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