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I’m glad you brought me home tonight. It sucks my car needed work done on it. You’ve always been a gentleman, really… Being your ex-girlfriend and all, I wonder about things being awkward, but I don’t want it to be. And we don’t want your girlfriend or your friends or family get the wrong idea.

For real though… have you missed me? These lips? When I lick and nibble on your ear? Or kiss your chest? How about when I wrap my lips around that cock of yours? Listen, you don’t always have to be the good guy, to do the right thing. Sometimes the wrong thing is just… well, it feels so right.

I can keep a secret. Why don’t we have one between us? Stay with me. Please?

Oh, good… My feet really are hurting from being out all day dealing with my car. I walked so much. Could you rub them for me? Take off your shirt, get comfortable. I know you love it when I rub my soft feet on your chest.

Suck on these dirty, sweaty feet that have been so busy. Wiggle that tongue between each toe. Bathe my feet. Now drop your pants. My feet were made to be wrapped around that hard cock, hm? I know every little button of yours.

Big boy, how about a favor? I want that cock inside me again. The wrong thing really does feel right, huh? And guess what? Your girlfriend won’t ever know. This is just for fun, old times sake. Let’s make it special… You were too scared to go inside my pussy raw. To feel my bare pussy for the first time. To cum inside me…

You are so close to being inside me… so let’s do this. I’m not on the pill, so it’s a little dangerous, isn’t it? Won’t you risk it? Yeah, come on… let’s do this… This could really knock me up. You don’t have to pull out, you can cum inside… Deeper… Fill me up… YES, that’s it. Don’t stop. YES… oh… damn…

Now that you’ve cum inside me, we’ll have to see what happens, won’t we? If I have a baby, what will you do? Marry me? Endless financial support? Change your life for me? Who knows what the super spunk of yours has done? This maybe it for you, huh? You’re in a real baby roulette with me, darling., Size:

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