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As the Dad to a troublemaker, you find yourself having to put your foot down quite a bit. Your daughter mostly stays with her Mom, who is a lot more laid back than you with discipline. And of course, you end up looking like the jerk and your daughter hates you more for it. However, this one day she wants to go to the mall, you find her clothing absolutely not okay, and this isn't a jerk move as much as a Dad looking out for his blossoming daughter. When you put your foot down, at the front door no less, she's very upset. She says it's gross for her own Dad to tell her what to wear and to say she's dressed too scantly. You won't be budging on this, there's no way she's going out like that. Later that day, your dear daughter uses your laptop for some browsing and scrolling, only to stumble on something very interesting... And a few days later when she's ready to go out again, she has all the ammunition she needs. She's dressed WAY more sexy than the other day, wearing WAY less clothing now, too. And she has her reasons. She's found something very interesting in your search history online. You know exactly what it is... You love to watch videos involving cum eating instruction and guzzling. It's a real fetish of yours. And now? Your own daughter knows! Her fuel for this outfit is simple. She doesn't believe you actually follow through with that fetish of yours. She thinks you pussy out of it yourself every time you watch. She really doesn't believe that you're eating your own cum. You're so unsure of yourself... If you don't eat your cum, she's going to call you a pussy, flick you off, and say you won't follow through with ANYTHING! And if you DO eat your cum, she knows you mean business and she'll stay home. What's it gonna be, Dad? This is my very first "choose your own ending" clip! This version is the one where you decide to be a big man and gobble up that cum to show her that you're the boss. Afterwards, she stomps to her room, only to find that she is so turned on by her own Dad eating his cum that she can't help but play with her pussy while thinking about it. The alternative clip is here: Daddy's Little Secret (Pussy Out Version). It's that option where you completely pussy out... and she does just what you figure - flicks you off and heads out for some fun out in just a skirt (with no panties) and a bra. The choice is yours, Dad., Size:

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