GoddessFreyaBBW [ManyVids] - Family is Worried About My Gain


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It’s nighttime and you get a video message from your feedee girlfriend, she’s had the longest day. She stopped by her family’s house to pick up some mail but it quickly turned into a gaining intervention! Her family still doesn’t know all the work you’ve been putting behind the scenes to fatten me up, but they don’t really need to know. My family talked all about how they’ve noticed my activity level take a steep decline, my too tight clothes, my heavy breaths, and my absolute laziness. They talk about how deeply concerned for my health now that I’ve descended into obesity (borderline morbidly obese). Last of all they are concerned I’ll never be able to keep a boyfriend with my growing pudge. Little do they know there’s you, and you’ve only got plans to expand me even more! I can only imagine how shocked they’ll be when I tip 450. All this talking has got me admiring my body, so I make sure to show you all my best views, including my growing booth and cellulite thighs., Size:

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