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I'm a growing girl with a love of food, and most of my intense cravings come late at night. This night I happened to be realllllly horny and just wanted to stuff myself with some Chinese food and appreciate my belly. So I decided to give into my craving and ordered enough to feed a small family. This video is closest to what a normal stuffing looks like for me. No makeup, comfy (but minimal) clothing, good tv, and a whole lot of belly play. Food just makes me so excited and happy, and it turns my body into an absolute round sphere, so why wouldn't I eat everything? This video starts with me snacking on my order and showing you all my treats. I continue to talk to you and make eye contact with you while I eat. Midway through, I take a break from talking and watch tv and stuff my face even more. As I continue eating, I start to play with my belly. I can't keep my hands off it! I pause the show and start to talk a bit more while jiggling my belly and eating. It's easy to see how I got so fat so fast, sitting on my couch all night stuffing my face and mindlessly watching tv. Being fat is a dream because this get's to be my every night! * Clip features stuffing, belly play. GFE, Size:

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