Freshie Juice [ManyVids] - Bound and Robbed by the Lingerie Lady


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Freshie Juice is a shady traveling lingerie sales lady. Rolling in from town to town, swindling and robbing ladies! She knocks on the door of Jessa Jordan, as soon as Jessa comes to the door she tries to wedge her way. "Girl I got THAT SavagexFenty, I got all the hot deals" Jessa is skeptical, but can't lie, she loves lingerie and even more a deal. Freshie comes in and sits down, patting the seat next to her. "Sit, sit, get comfortable..." and pulls out a lingerie set and shoves it in Jessa's hands. "Here I think this will look great on you, try it on!" Jessa looks at the bra and panties just put in her hands and wonders, "Wait she said she had Savage x Fenty? Why isn't this in a bag? is it clean?" She decides to give this a shot anyway despite her reservations and sets off to try on the lingerie. She comes back very pleased with how she looks, and says "Despite how strange this all is, I love this set, how much do you want for it?" Freshie smiles and says it looks too good on her to charge her too much and practically gives it away for the price she wants. As Jessa turns to grab her money, Freshie grabs her from behind wrapping her arm around Jessa's neck and taking a cloth to her mouth. Jessa struggles, wide eyed and gasping for several minutes before succumbing to Freshie over powering her. Freshie check's to make sure Jessa is KO'd be lifting her arms and legs. Now to get to work. Jessa awakens tied up! Freshie appears and reveals she isn't really a salesmen, she's actually a robber under the guise! She's been robbing girls all over town "You should know better then to let strangers in your home" Jessa protests and demands to be let go, and Freshie just says no and gag's her with a big juicy red lip gag. "You know I'm really not that mean, here I leaving you with your vibrator while I go and steal all your valuables." Freshie places the vibrator between Jessa's legs right on her pussy before setting about on her mission to steal of Jessa's valuables. Jessa moans and struggles against her restraints and the hitachi, lots of moaning, and gag talk with plenty of spit. Jessa drools and continues to struggle all the while grinding against the hitachi. Freshie returns, still hasn't found everything she's looking for yet, but Jessa is just having TOO much fun. "While I'm not that mean, I'm also not that nice either." Freshie takes the hitachi away and takes the gag out. "But you're also just being way to loud, so open up." Freshie then proceeds to shove a pair of panties in Jessa's mouth, and begins wrapping and wrapping and wrapping her face in vet wrap so tightly. "Don't worry, you'll still be cute!" Freshie exclaims as she grabs some lipstick and draws a crude set of lips over the gag." Freshie chuckles and wags Jessa's face back and forth, before heading back to going through Jessa's house. Jessa continues to languish and struggle against the tight rough ropes, she doubles ove...

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