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Best friends Chloe and Zoey are usually scheming how to get guys their age in between their legs but Chloe now has the hots for Zoey's stepdad. It doesn't take the girls long to come up with the idea of a sleepover at Zoey's house to get near him when mom is out of town. What dad doesn't know about the girls but will soon discover is they are more than just friends. These girls like to do a little more than just talk when in each other's company. Dad happens to catch them and is soon invited in Zoey's bedroom for some innocent fun, or is it? Chloe takes the lead as she can hardly wait to get a gander at a older man's dick. Zoey is somewhat shy about getting near her stepdad's member but with a little sweet talk from her friend the fun ensues. Just how far will these girls go? Starring: Zoey Foxx and Chloe Addison, Size:

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