Ellie Idol [ManyVids] - NOW, IT'S MY TURN TO DO IT TO YOU


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It's bondage night and you have some fun planned with a dry-cleaner bag. You place it over my face and begin thrusting wildly inside of me. Suddenly, I'm terrified you won't take the bag off. I quickly make up an excuse to get out of the situation and suggest we reverse roles. Once I finish tying you to the bed, I begin to rub the plastic bag over my body. I look good and your cock is already standing at attention ready for me to slip myself onto. Are you ready? We're having fun, me riding you, taking the bag on and off your face when you notice that I'm taking this a little too far. This is no longer play, but me getting my revenge. I told you to stop...you should have listened. Now, I want to watch you take your last breath as I cum on your cock!, Size:

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