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THIS CLIP IS STREAMING ONLY DUE TO THE DISCOUNT! BUY FROM MY OTHER STORES FOR A DOWNLOADABLE OPTION AT REGULAR PRICE! Clip is 5 mins and 20 seconds long. Nudity includes a few peaks of bare pussy underneath my skirt. Mostly filmed from the view of my legs but a few shots including my face. In this clip I show off my thigh highs I wore during sex with my man. I show you how torn they are now and show them off for losers like you. CLIP INCLUDES -THIGH HIGHS -elements of CUCKOLDING -LEGS -LEG WORSHIP -CALF MUSCLE FETISH (IN STOCKINGS) -CALVES (IN STOCKINGS) -VERBAL HUMILIATION -TORN AND DESTROYED THIGH HIGHS -MUSCULAR CALVES -VIRGIN HUMILIATION -LOSER HUMILIATION -PREMATURE EJACULATION HUMILIATION "Of course a beta loser like you wants to see how my worn thigh highs look after sex...How great my alpha must have it. Could you imagine how great it feels to fuck me in these? How great it must feel to put your hands all over me and rub my legs and body? Dont my legs look just amazing in these thigh highs? Can you imagine how great our sex was to have ALL these tears on these thigh highs? I mean YOU....the best YOU will get is stories about other peoples sex lives LOL. If your lucky enough to actually get sex it of course wont be good", Size:

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