Deanna Deadly [ManyVids] - Ass $mo*t*her*ing Revenge


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Available as stream only on MV. Pay full price on other sites to be able to download Clip is 9 minutes and 20 seconds CLIP INCLUDES: -ASS $M*O*T*H*ER*I*NG -Executrixx -EX GF GETS EVEN WITH CHEATING BOYFRIEND WHO CHEATED ON HER RIGHT BEFORE VALENTINES DAY -FEMDOM -ASS FETISH -CURVY -SENSUAL DOMINATION -BODYSUIT -REDHEAD -HUMILIATION You wake up in a room and your redheaded girlfriend has you tied up and is looking down on you...Your scared and you play dumb... "Aw $leeping beauty is finally awake! Wondering what your doing here? Wondering why your girlfriend has you tied up? Dont play dumb with me.Your tied up because I KNOW you CHEATED on me. Three times in the last month! " She looks down on you, shes powerful. You've always been scared of her. "You dont even deserve me....I bet you had to pay them because you cant get laid on your own, especially that many times lololol. WE are done. Nothing more....But it doesnt mean Im not done WITH you. You did this to me right before VALENTINES DAY too. Who do you think you are?" "Your a pathetic peice of $h1t that deserves to be completely alone on valentines day...or maybe not even alive. Im going to make you suffer and yelp and whimper." "Take a deep breathe...Im warning you." She puts her ASS in your face "Aw are you having a hard time breathing? Poor you." She moves her ass and gives you another second to breathe..."Make sure to breathe...You dont have a lot of time before Round 2 starts..." She puts her juicy ass in your face again while talking down to you. She lifts her ass again and says "Aw poor you are you sobbing? Should I just let you go? hahahaha no. I dont think you learned your lesson yet." She rubs her big white booty in your face again and laughs at you. "You've always loved this what if I end your life with it hahahaha. Aw your struggling to breathe huh?" She lifts up and gives you a little more time to breathe and she shows off her big ass and spanks it and teases you. "Your neverrrr going to touch this ASS again. This perfect ass will be your demise. Oh stop crying...I can think of much much worse ways to go. I could pimp you out for money...But Im letting you d1e by the thing you love the most...", Size:

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