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Feat. Dacey Harlot & Dexter Darkly You are so fussy this evening, stepMommy Dacey tries everything but nothing will work! Toys, Teethers, Books, nothing! She just changed your diaper but she's going to check it anyways...she opens the diaper and discovers the problem! Your winkie wants to play before bed, you naughty boy! stepMommy Dacey strokes your hard peepee, she loves your bedtime cummies routine! She surprises you with occasional little tickles all over, teasing and edging a huge squirty mess out of you as she uses babytalk and trigger words! stepMommy Dacey loves her messy boy so much, always making huge cummy messes for her! Now that you're soothed it's time to read a bedtime story and snuggle up with stepMommy Dacey! ;*, Size:

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