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Take me in. Look at every inch of me. Breath in the smell of my skin and feel the softness of my skin. Pull out your manhood and begin to glide that palm of yours up and down your hard shaft. You are looking at me, desiring me. You didn't think that it would be free did you? There is always a price to pay when you are dealing with an Alpha female. Just when you think that she might have a soft spot for you or that she is going to be compassionate and giving she hits you with a demand that you are horrified of. But... you can't help yourself. Her words are true. You have thought about it somewhere deep in the back of your mind. You can no longer deny yourself. Not when she demands that you finally follow through this time. Finally the dreaded words fall out of her beautiful, sensual mouth. Today is the day you will swallow your own cum. you have heard of this but never ever thought you would be able to actually go through with it. You admit that you have tried it before, but always chickend out in the end. Not today. Not when your Alpaha makes this demand of you., Size:

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