Ava Black [ManyVids] - The Proof of the Pussy


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Includes Miss Foxx FD - sissy training - crossdresser - feminization - transformation - sissy maid - ebony supremacy - ebony female domination - female supremacy - double domination - chastity - chastity cage - anal bell - anal toys - slave training Featuring: Mistress Ava Black and Miss Foxx FD Today Mistresses are training their sissy servant in the ways of their Femdom household. As sissy knows, there is no place for masculine energy in this Black-owned establishment. And she is about to find out just how precise her Mistresses expectations of her are! From how she should carry herself, to how she should conduct herself around other Ebony Superiors in public, she has to take dictation and demonstrate a clear understanding of what is expected of her if she is to remain in their household. Will she be pleasing to her Mistresses? Watch and find out!, Size:

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